Green Sand Molding

BDJ Metal Products has the ability to supply Brass, Bronze, and Aluminum castings in a wide range of sizes and volumes. Our facility offers our customers the ability to pursue both Jobbing and Production Run options. We are setup to offer Automatic High-Pressure molding with our Sinto FBO machine, while continuing to offer the market place manual molding with BMM Squeeze and Rota-Lift machines. Our dedicated floor molding area increases our capabilities in mold size above the limitations set through the Automatic and Manual processes.

Automatic Molding

  • Production rates from 60 – 120 molds per hour
  • Horizontally parted
  • Quick Pattern change
  • Mold Shift improvements
  • Drag Mold Shuttle for Core Setting

Manual Molding

  • Larger mold size capabilities
  • Serves the low production jobbing market
  • Allows more expensive NoBake castings to be converted to lower cost Green Sand castings
  • Excellent mold characteristics
  • Core Setting capable

NoBake Molding

The ability to offer NoBake molding allows us to help the customer decide which casting process will best suit individual casting conditions. This process takes advantage of chemically bonded sand molds which offers the following benefits:

  • Superior casting dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent Casting surface finish
  • Casting design flexibility due to the superior tensile strength bond of the molding sand

Core Making

Our in-house core making capabilities are centered around Resin Coated “Shell” Sand, NoBake, Oil Sand, and Co2 Cured Sodium Silicate. These processes offer us the ability to work with most tooling configurations, tooling materials, and production needs. If the casting core conditions require other processes, we have strong relationships with outsourced opportunities to fill the void we may not offer.


Aluminum is melted in oil and natural gas fired crucible furnaces. Nitrogen injection is used to de-gas all aluminum alloys. Metal preparation for both Brass/Bronze and Aluminum also include flux treatments to ensure clean dross free metal. Metal filtration is also practiced within the gating system. Brass and Bronze is melted in four induction furnaces.

Automatic Molding Capabilities
Manual Molding Capabilities
NoBake Molding Capabilities
Melting Capabilities